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Spring Sproinging!

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It just happened down here.  I noticed birds singing while in the morning-nearly-awake phase.  My evening walk was warmer.  I walked out the front door and caught a whiff of a familliar scent,  blooming trees.  Looked over my head and lo and behold, pink blossoms framing the sky.  Then, the wisteria bloomed across the street.  Never seen that plant before.  Beautiful!  Walking past, the smell intoxicating.  The following are photos taken walking around the ‘hood.  Hopefully I didn’t freak out any neighbors, shooting pics into their yards.  I love my neighborhood.  The houses are old, some adobe, most bungalows.  All kept up. Smiling neighbors that walk along the streets as their kids pedal bikes alongside.  Did I mention I love my neighborhood?

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