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Papa Frank turned 60 this past weekend.  My 3 sisters and I threw a surprise party for him.  I’ve been busting to post about it but held off for fear of him finding out.  Now I can let it all out.

Flew to MN Fri.  With two layovers total I had lots of knitting time.  Finished a baby sweater I can’t post.  Have to keep it a surprise from the recipient!  My fabulous sisters did massive amounts of legwork, shopping, cooking, baking, planning.  Thank you all!

Snowed Sat. AM and most of the weekend, 30-40. Humid!  My curls were all over the place!  All were gloomy over the weather.  I tried my hardest not to gloat. Heck, it’s 80 in Abq.!  I chose to leave MN and it’s late winters 10 years ago.

Snow. April 26th, yep...snow.

Set up the party in Newlin Park, St Paul, Sat. AM.  It’s the oldest city park, I believe, full of stately oak trees, just beautiful.  You should’ve seen the vehicle-trasnport system.  Cars full of every salad you can imagine:  jello, potato, Asian, fruit, you name it.  The desert table was piled high with cake, cookies, bars.  Yep…this was a true Midwestern feast.  No diet food here.  I think I gained 10 #over the weekend.    The cake was of the fisherman motif, complete with an authentic plastic fisherman in a boat with a sharpied on beard.

Throwing streamers to decorate. Kept the brothers-in-laws busy.       Rachel, my sister, prepping food..    Fisherman cake complete with authentic plastic fisherman with beard drawn on.

About 60 folks showed up 30 minutes before pop’s arrival.  What a crew!  There were family, friends, golfing and fishing buddies of dads, co-workers of dads.  The little indoor park pavillion buzzed with energy.  We had all hide in the hallway away from the windows. Mom called with the “Girls do we need anthing from the store” 10 min. away phone call.  We were having a father/daughter “picinic,” you see.  It worked!  He arrived. All jumped out, the merriment began.


Dad, sporting his BK crown made a brief speech, smooched mom, blew out the candles, all feasted.

Was so great to see family.  Some I haven’t seen since the last sister wedding 2 years ago.  Was a real treat.

The weekend continued on. Still rainy/snowing.  More eating.  More family time.  Flew back to Abq.  I was exhausted but happy.

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