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Itty Bitty Baby Sweater!

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Baby things are fun to knit.  I’ve decided this.  They are small, pretty quick to make projects as long as you don’t subject yourself to fingering wt. or heirloom lace-type projects.  (Not that heirloom lace is bad, but, one sour baby belch…)  I made this little sweater for my friend Lisa, in Denver, expecting a little girl in September.  Despite a row gague problem (discovered when I noted the chest circumference was nearing the size of a two year old) which I fixed it was so much fun to make!  The yarn is by Noro, all cotton (should be somewhat washable) and self stripes, like opening a X-mas gift each time a new color emerges from the center of the skein.  Mailed it off this week.  Enjoy Lisa!  See my Ravelry profile for more info on the project.  profile name is: hfrank007

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