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An oops becomes a gift.


Yesterday (Sunday) I dreaded getting up for work.  How I wished I could sleep in.  It was day three of three of work.  Sunday AM’s I most love to sleep in, read the paper, make a big breakfast.  Love it. 

Got up, went to work, with my co-workers help realized, duh…I wasn’t on the schedule.  “Would you like to stay and be our unit secretary?”  Nope!  Went for breakfst at the Frontier, a must-experience restauraunt across from the University.  Formulating lists of must do’s around the house today (laundry, cat hair clean up, clean the bathroom, etc. etc.) I decided to hell with it!  I’m sewing!

Unpacked my machine two weeks ago. Hadn’t touched it in months.  Hello beautiful!  Pulled out a quilt top I pieced last summer. quilted and bound it.  Made a small quilt from batik scraps.  It felt so refreshing! 

Project ONE:

              (L: Up close detail.)          I’m trying to be resourceful (meaning, using up stash). Pieced the back from other batik scraps.        


Project TWO: Original pattern uses charm squeares, pre-cut 5″ squares of fabric that oordinate and are pre-packaged.  I made my own from stash.  Original pattern pic is alos very traditioal. This version, very differnt.  A quick project, it took around a few hours total.

Here’s the website:  It won’t let me copy and paste the image of the original pattern I used.  It’s pattern number 45.



Today, after I get the domestic duty list done, I’ll start the Turning Twenty bed quilt I’ve cut out and mentioned in Previous Post:      

To be continued!


3 thoughts on “An oops becomes a gift.

  1. Hi! Gorgeous pictures! You should sell your little quilts on Etsy. They are so beautiful! When are you coming to MN next?

  2. Could you post some photos of the outside of the earthship house, please? The inside is interesting-what can it look like outside? tires?

    Oh, that’s what your dad calls me when he’s telling Mar who is on the phone. She has informed him it should be “Nanorama” as in the past………….Sounds like you are having a great life. Well, and do you remember the first time you gave an enema? I thought I would probably cause a ruptured bowel-N

  3. Oh, and I have lots of those this and that patterns-cute little charmers although I’m not really a fan of “charms” We need to work on your mother to actually finish some larger quilts. N

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