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Finished object! Sleeping under a bed of flowers.


Yay!  I finished pieceing the quilt I blogged photos of earlier (see An Oops Becomes a Gift) at

It’s bright, cheery, contemporary, I fiddled with the layout veering from the original plan for diagonal rows of light and dark. 

Being laid up with a hurt knee, awaiting what will probably be the knife, I’ve reconnected with my crafty side, sewing up a storm. I’m trying not to be dragged down by the doldrums of minimal active pursuits. 

This top was quick, I recommend the pattern.  Using the original Turning Twenty pattern would be even faster, knock a few hrs of the time.  Cutting it out took the most time.  Now I’m looking for someone to Long Arm quilt it, a special, huge quilting set up that allows you to quilt a bed sized quilt without suffocating under mounds of fabric and batting.  I fantasize about owning one someday. Of course, they’re not really portable, as I am lately.  Will have to wait on this purchase.  A frame holds the quilt together. A behemouth of a machine moves back and forth sewing the layers toegether.  They are expensive but paying someone to do this can run 150-300$ a pop.  See pic below. I copied it off Wikipedia.

 A longarm sewing machine with a quilt top placed on the frame.

Layed it out on the living rooom floor.  Annabelle “helped.”  She LOVES to plop onto any project I put on the floor and be a pill. Maybe it’s her way of showing approval?  Her way of trying to help?  Probably her way of saying, “Look at me, dammit, not this.”


Can’t wait to sleep under it this winter.  Must be an object d’art until, probably December down here in ABQ it’s so warm.  Ha!

4 thoughts on “Finished object! Sleeping under a bed of flowers.

  1. Holy crap that quilt is cool! I had to pack away the sewing machine this spring and get ready for the big move so I’m stoked to get it out in England. Maybe I’ll even get my own room. That would be a cool pattern to try out. I’m still a newbie:)

  2. This is beautifull! Good job. You are so talented and creative!

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