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My mom sews. She quilts. She knits.  I learned to sew from her.  She says I got into it myself, am self taught, that she showed me techniques now and then but I was mostly self-taught.  I remember it differently. I watched her in action a lot.  Learned a ton from her.  THANKS MOM! 

All us Frank girls, (4 in total) have some crafty genes (definitly from mom, definitly NOT from dad. Sorry dad. You rock in other areas, though.) 

Ali learned how to knit and makes killer felted handbags, scarves and hats.  She just bought her first sewing machine and I can’t wait to see what she’s up to with it.  Karen, also, bought her first sewing machine and is in the process of making her first quilt.  Go Karen!  Rachel has been sewing ever since I can remember, starting with Barbie clothes.  She now has a spot in Etsy selling ADORABLE baby clothing, a BLOG (see my list of blogs I watch).  Rachel has an eye for vintage styles, fun and whimsical designs. Check out her store at: I’ve also asked permission to post some pics:

Dots and Gnome Baby Kimono Set  Little Scandinavian Infant Dress     Support the crafters!  Buy handmade!

Nothing wrong with being crafty, eh?

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