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Impending doom illuminated at last.


The verdict’s in.  My medial meniscus is torn, per Orthopedist.  I’ll have knee surgery August 11th.  I’ve been moping for 2 months about this knee.  It swells, it aches, it’s keeping me from the outdoor exercise I love (including a new bike I can’t ride.)  I’ve two weeks off to recover.  (Unpaid two weeks off, that is.) These were to be a big trip to CA.  Rescheduled, I’m thinking, for the fall.

So I’ve been feeling really pissy.  Trading hiking, climbing and biking for YMCA sessions of zero resistance recumbent biking, upper body weights and arms only swimming might have me looking like Ah-nold on top and puny in the legs.   Had a good talk with a friend last night, my one and only, truly, life-long “boy friend.”  He’s always giving me good advice and wake up calls like “Stay away from men. They’re trouble.”  (I don’t always heed this one. He’s always right.)  He whipped me into shape, making me remember I have my health, I have a lot going for me.  I’ve realized I need to go on with life, suck it up and deal with the smelly YMCA a few times a week, deal with the thought of surgery, the possibility it may be SIX weeks of non-weight bearing if the tears bad enough (which the doc thinks it isn’t but won’t know until he’s in there). 

On the bright side, my mom is flying down to stay with me for a few days.  I’ll have lots of TLC.  We can hang out and knit.  Will probably have to set the fair-isle down due to narcotic pain relievers. : )  We’ll have some quiet bonding time.  Some no-run-around bonding time.  Maybe she’ll make me toast and chicken noodle soup?

Also coming with mom will be the Sleeping Under a Bed of Flowers quilt I wrote of in  I mailed it off to Robin’s Nest, a mother and daughter team in Lindstrom, MN that do long arm quilting.  They do beautiful work.  Are very reasonable. I trust them.  Mom will schlep that back to me.  Yay!  Two gifts in one!

Wish me luck.  I haven’t had surgery since a tonsillectomy at age 5. 

2 thoughts on “Impending doom illuminated at last.

  1. Ok, here’s a recap of some of your last posts:

    Rename: sometimes it’s time for a change- rename is an option. I always like to change the colors of my blog and then that satisfies me. A name change might mean having to inform others and that could be messy. However, it does give you a chance to remind people “hey, I’ve got a blog! So read it!”

    Mom’s- they are pretty amazing. My mom didn’t really gift me with any caftiness, or talents to speak of but she is really good at forgiveness and chilaxing. And I get to see her tomorrow!

    Impending doom- well we sort of talked about this last night and I think that your knitting will benefit from your lack of movement, however, it is quite understandable that you would long to run and frolic with the sunshine. As for men being trouble…he’s right…and he’s wrong. I think you should watch the movie ONCE and remember what’s it’s like to have butterflies. Life is always romantic but most of the time we have lost our butterflies and can’t see it.

    Hope to see you on tuesday unless you are totally bedridden and hurting….then STAY HOME!!

  2. Oh Heather! So sorry about the knee. I’m having my share of problems with mine, too-but not that bad. My piece of advice: Ice, ice ice! Ice is your new best friend.

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