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IMG_3722 Annabelle taking advantage of my sitting down.  She’s such a lap cat.

Had the knee surgery yesterday.  Went well although the doc found stuff he wasn’t expecting, like a lateral meniscus tear as well as cartilage damage in other areas that couldn’t be repaired.  Will see home in one week to see pics and talk about long-term prognosis.  Shudder…That sounds to permanent.  Have PT tommorow and am looking forward to getting my leg back. 

I’ve been lucky, no puking from the anesthesia.  Just ouchy. Alternating different types of pain meds.  Am using one crutch to get around.  Should be off it by the end of tommorow, I think. I hope. 

Hanging at home today with my mom.  Using lots of ice, cathing up on email and knitting. 

I am relieved, though it’s far from over.  Hoping I didn’t hurt myself in there badly enough to develop raging arthitis and earn a new knee by the age of 60. 

Attaching some pics.  The quilt is done!  Has been fun sleeping under it.  Looking forward to propping my leg up and catching up on some sewing in the next couple weeks. 

IMG_3724     IMG_3723   My new flower quilt.  Close up of the quilting, done by Robbins Nest out of Lindstrom, MN.  They do beautiful work and are very reasonable.  I have  their number if anyone would like it. 


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