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Update from the front…wierd tree…

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Does anyone know what sort of tree this is?  It’s on the end of my block.  I noticed it while out crutching the other day.  Also noticed a little nest up there as well.  Hope the neighbors don’t think I’m wierd for photographing their tree?    The orb-like things are the size of oranges, firm, dimpled, chartreause green, VERY INTRIGUING!   They look like something one could put on the end of a chain and call Medieval weaponry!  They look like something from the movie Aliens, holding a monster terrible.  They look like a fancy massage tool to roll your back over. 

So life is looking up.  I’m was off crutches almost all of today.  I look like a bit of a gimp, walking, a little bobbly, but it’s really nice not to be crutching all over the place.  The guy in the grocery, yesterday, meaning to help, offered me one of those power carts when he saw me crutching on one side while pushing a cart.  Ha!  I can now see my kneecap, use the stationary bike for 5 min (slowly, really slowly) and walk on the treadmill as well as do a bazillion floor exercises designed to get my leg back.  Let me tell ya, I’m motivated.  I’m driving.  Not liking heavy traffic and the clutch, though.  I’ve been off the drugs and taking Tylenol, a bit of Ibu (sigh…).  ; )  I go back to work on the 30th.  Was supposed to be next Monday.  NOT!  (Remember that saying?) 

Saw the orthopedist yesterday and saw cool pics of inside my knee.  Looks like a hyperextension injury, according to him. The good news is, the lateral meniscus was just a little ragged on the edge, warranting a slight trim (meaning: less likely to cause problems in the future such as retearing or arthritis) but the cartilage on the leg bone had a deep “fissure” in it with a “spiderweb” of little cracks as well as  a traumatized, soft spot on the medial meniscus. both of these  will likely not heal up well, if at all.   Both may cause arthritis and/or long term pain.  Only time will tell.  I am to get on with life, keep it strong, reduce high impact stress (such as hiking, oh God…) and practice more low impact activities such as biking (good) and swimming (horrible). 

Been occupied knitting b-day gifts for a certain sister.  Watching Netflix movies and on-demand documentaries and PBS-type shows through Netflix (ask me about the Salem Witch Trials, the Dark Ages, Venice).  Annabelle’s not sure what to do with me around all the time.  She’s been pretty lap-obsessed, enjoying my company.  I’m noticing her arthritic limp more and more, poor thing.  Here she is doing the cute, “Easter bunny with the front legs” pose. See the heart that forms on her back legs in black?  Usually the pose winds up with her more on her back, looking at me upside down.  Funny how cats can be SO entertaining. (Except when they hang out by your head, in bed, in the AM and start meowing when any sign of life emerges from you.)  Real entertaining. Yah. 


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