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BBQ goodness…

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You’d think with all this laying around time (I mean, productive, rehabbing, knitting, cat-bonding time) I’d be blogging up a storm.  Haven’t been staying current, though!  Took a much too quick trip to Denver a couple weeks ago to enjoy a very full social calendar.

Went to a baby shower for Lisa, a former co-worker and great friend and her hubby, Rob.  Gave her the baby bolero sweater I made.  Looks like this:

IMG_3622   IMG_3611   IMG_3589

Lisa’s due 9/1.  My bday is 9/4. Wouldn’t it be cool if she delivered on my b-day.  Although, if I were this preggers I wouldn’t want to wait any extra days.  More pics from the shower:

IMG_3599  IMG_3595  IMG_3631

IMG_3630  Little girls took turns holding this little guy, who was two weeks old. So cute!  Dog’s name is Iceman, a rescue Greyhound that’s so sweet!  He did great with all the kids running around.  Little does he know his world’s about to be shook up in a big way.

After Lisa’s I headed to Golden for a Stitch N’ Bitch and my friend Meghan’s.  Had a  blast. Was a much needed girlfriend-reunion with plenty of wine, food, conversation. Even met a couple of new gals.

IMG_3641  IMG_3640  IMG_3636

l-r:  Meghan knitting another tube, Kim scrapbooking, a craft I haven’t dared to start, given the lifetime supply of fabric and yarn in my stash. Red crocheting.


IMG_3634  Rada, back from Montenegro, Beth, Red, Denise.

What a great time.  These guys are hard core!  Continued on into the night after I left at midnight. I believe a bonfire was lit.  Thanks, Meghan, for hostessing such a fantastic gathering.

Went to my first Rockies game ever, with Garrett, a new-found friend in Denver, at Coors Stadium.  He’s  major baseball fan.  I used to go to the Metrodome in MN with my pop to see the Twins and the Vikings.  Never been a game watcher on TV, but, do like the excitement of a stadium. They lost 9-3 but was still a great time.  Got do drink expensive beer and throw peanut shells on the floor, something tha made me a little nervous. ; )  Some photos Garrett took. He’s a professional photographer. Taught me some technical stuff about using a digital camera. He didn’t laugh at me when I asked, “Doesn’t the camera just record what it’s looking at?”  Yah…there’s more to it than that…

See his work at: 

Now THAT’S a sunset! 

IMG_3696_1      IMG_3695              IMG_3703_1        The wave was not up to the Metrodome standard I remember.  

IMG_3669  IMG_3657 G and I

IMG_3707_1  Looking into Denver.

Then…dinner at Lee’s, BBQ goodness paired with friends, photos from some’s travels to Peru.

IMG_3712  Brian and Lee

IMG_3714   IMG_3713  John and BW (striking a well known pose)

IMG_3710   IMG_3709 Caitlin, Ralph and Kurt, Kim and Matt

Just a group of friends who always recharge the battery, for me.  I miss you guys…

So quick a trip, but better than the packing and moving whirlwind I last had there.  I’ve lived a lot in the last 6 months!  It’s a good thing.  (Why did someone as corny as Martha have to coin that phrase?)

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  1. That sweater is so friggin’ cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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