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Ha Ha! Yearbook Yourself!

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Ha!  This is the coolest thing.  I found a link to the site on a blog, checked it out. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. I mean really. Like, sit there until it’s safe and then run, I mean gimp, to the loo.  If you do this, I think you should, use a pic without bangs or glasses where you look straight ahead. Be patient loading it and maneuvering it around.  It’s a little putzy.  It’s really fun to put unsuspecting others in, esp. as the wrong gender!  Hee!  You start by choosing a mall (they have to pay for it somehow.)  The years flow across the bottom. Click on it for your face transplanted to 1950-2000.  Interestingly, I noticed in 1974 I would look identical to my mom’s pics in 1974 complete with pin-straight, long, center-parted hair). Music from that time will play as will a mini overview of what was hip in that year. 

It’s a gas! 

myYearbookPhoto.jpg2             Me in 1960

myYearbookPhoto        Me in 1984, I think it was.

  Looking A LOT like my mom did in 1974, when she had me. 

Beware:  You may play with this site for a long time, like I did.

Which one is your fave?

Going to have my recalled tire valve stems changed out today.  I see it as knitting time.  Then, to the Y for my snail-like workout.

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