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A knee update:  Going back to work this Sat.  Have mixed feelings about that.  I’m a little worried about being on my feet all day.  I’m worried about hurting myself.  I am looking forward to work in some ways, though.  Having nearly three weeks off of work has been a mixed blessing.  I’ve had lots of down time, something I don’t do enough.  I’ve taken care of busy-work stuff I’ve neglected around the house.  I’ve taken the time to research stuff like going back to school and language immersion programs in other countries as well as Public Health volunteering.  Add some PT, trips to the YMCA, the Olympics, get-togethers with friends, time filled up but differently than usual.  Got some knitted projects done.  Will post some pics once the recipient recieves them. ; )

Found the ABQ Farmer’s Market last weekend.  It’s been on my hit list all summer, finally made it.  A beautiful day, I spent my $20 on a CD, breakfast, goat cheese, fresh flowers and handmade soap.  Not planning well, I went to the grocery store a couple days earlier and had a fridge full of produce.  Next time I’ll plan better.  Next time I should be able to ride my bike there! 

A fantastic bluegrass band called Young Edward was playing.  They are super-talented, fun.  Check out their MySpace page for music, schedules and a bio.  I bought a CD from them and hope to see them play again.



This little pooch cracked me up.  He was standing under this ladies skirt.  He peeked his head out  but I missed that shot. 

IMG_3749  IMG_3750 

Some snapshots of the bounty:

IMG_3751  IMG_3752  IMG_3748  IMG_3737

IMG_3742  IMG_3740  IMG_3738  IMG_3736

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