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Yesterday hit the big 28.  Hah!  Yuh…

Had a lovely day that started with sleeping in. Annabelle even let me sleep past 7.  Puttered. Cleaned (not fun but really needed and a  gift to myself, really).  Ate at a lovely French restauraunt.  Indulged in a relaxing massage then saw an incredible musician at Zinc, a local wine bar/restauraunt, with the company of great friends.  How horrible life would be without such friends.  Musician’s name’s Alex Maryol, he’s from Santa Fe.  He’s bluesy, voice is can be playful and soulful, positively yummy, make your toes both curl up in your shoes and tap.  Yummy.  Find his music at:

I’ve wanted to see him play since I moved to ABQ. Finally!  Will see again for sure.  Keep an eye open for him. 

Going to First Friday gallery crawl with my friend, Sarah, tonight.  Can’t wait.  Another item on the to-do list. (List sounds too necessary, doesn’t it?)  How about to-do ROSTER?  Better?  Lists are for groceries, errands.

Exciting me tremendously, have come across a big chunk of time off this fall. Was considering a trip to CA. Now thinking, Europe?  Will add a Rick Stevens book to the to-do LIST today (YMCA, post office, blah.)


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