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Finally, a finished object. Being swallowed by yarn…

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My yarn stash is out of control.  It’s all contained, I have not resorted to stuffing skeins in shoes and in plastic bags up the fireplace chimneys, as I’ve heard of some knitters doing.  However, if I shared a tiny house with others I may have a storage problem.  I finished and mailed my sister, Ali’s b-day gifts, which fit her (whew!)  She’s recieved them so now I can post pics.

Knit mostly while recovering from knee surgery, Both went fairly quick, except for the mitered mittens, which I had to frog and reknit the top of the first one a couple times.  Row gauge…don’t you just love it?  (For the non-knitters out there, row gauge is the number of rows per vertical inch of knitting, and varies with  the thickness of the yarn.)  The pattern designer said to start decreasing stitches just below the pinky.  Produced were mittens that curled my fingers up in a little ball at the top.  I have gi-normously long fingers (No, I don’t play the piano anymore. Wish I did.  No, I’ve never played bass.)  Ali’s are a half-inch longer than mine, I believe.  Thus, the ripping back. Twice.

Mitered mittens by Elizabeth Zimmerman are beautiful done up in Noro Kureyon, as the self-striping yarn forms mitered “V”‘s.  I added the thumb gusset, skipped the afterthought thumb as she suggests.  A fair amount of Vicodin pain medicine was consumed while knitting these.  Amazing they came out as well!  ; o )

Hat’s a pattern called Turn a Square by a Brooklyn, NY designer named Jared Flood.  Man, can he knit.  His work is beautiful. His blog linked to on my sidebar.  Both were fun projects, lots of Olympic watching done while making these.

IMG_3759    IMG_3756  Oops…didn’t get a finished-really finished pic of the hat.

Now on the needles, Broadripple socks in Cascade Fixation.  Really fun, really bright, going quickly.

IMG_3776  Knitting cuff down using magic loop on size 2’s.

Inka Hat in Berocco Ultra Alpaca, making for a guy-Xmas gift and may make a couple:

IMG_3778  (Color’s off. The orange is really a gold color.)

Feather and Fan shawl in Noro Silk Garden.  So pretty, so boring, seriously thinking of frogging and using yarn for a sweater despite being about 30% done.  Ugh…


Waiting impatiently in the cue, Noro silk garden (How I love Noro) chunky, enough for a top down cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves.  I REALLY want to cast on for this and am fighting the urge daily.  May cave in today.  Must finished UFO’s!  (Unfinished Objects)  Found it at Taos Sunflower really on sale.

Mmmm…so pretty, is saphire blue, turquoise green with some silvery gray mixed in. Will stripe. So beautiful. Would be a fast knit at 3 stitches per inch…Agh!


Also cut out a bathrobe yesterday. Should start to sew today.  It’s REALLY soft flannel.  Cute, with owls on it. Wil have a green belt and collar.  More to follow.

IMG_3782    IMG_3783

Back to work tommrow. Would rather stay home and make stuff. Sigh…

One thought on “Finally, a finished object. Being swallowed by yarn…

  1. Are you saying I have overly long fingers lady?! I once was told by some guy that I looked like I had the hands of death because my fingers were so long. nice!

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