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Give a Hoot…Wear a Robe!

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My sewing machine has played second fiddle for awhile.  Something about the upcoming cool weather has me wanting to knit, actually, I can’t keep my hands out of my yarn stash, cast on the ever-popular Fetching wrist warmers in silk garden last night. Like I need another project on the needles. Will be quick, though. Knit about 1/4 of a mitt in 30 min or so.  No biggie. I really need a finished object. Have been looking at large UFO’s (unfinished objects) for too long.  Ugh…

Finished the robe I mentioned a few days earlier tonight. Yay!  Talk about fast!  Took around 30 min to cut out and shy of 2 hrs to sew. Wow…

Love how it turned out.  The flannel washed up really soft.  Inserted rick-rack into the front band to add interest. (Was going to do that for cuffs but really wanted to finish before bed.  Finish I did. Also listened to two more discs of THE HOBBIT on CD.  Never read it.  Always wanted to. Glad to do it this way. The narrator makes unique voices for all the characters, kind of like I wanted to do when I used to teach and read out loud to my students but never could do very well. 

IMG_3782    IMG_3783  Fabric and pattern

  IMG_3826  Up Close


IMG_3827 by you.

One thought on “Give a Hoot…Wear a Robe!

  1. Really cute! If you need a x-mas gift for me I would love a flannel robe! Long maybe? My terry one is turning in to a rag!

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