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Last Sunday I returned home from work, bruised, battered, torn.  Shortly after, popping and banging noises erupted outdoors.  Annabelle, freaked, ran for the Cat Cave.  (Her little cubby next to the bath tub.)

IMG_3446  Annabelle’s safe spot, not towel storage.

Realizing it was not gunfire I headed outside.  A spectacular fireworks show was visible above the trees across the street.  Neighbors filed out onto the street.  Oohs…ah’s…aplenty.

Never did learn of the source. Grabbed my trusty camera and thought, “These will never turn out.”  Right I was.  What I did capture looks pretty cool, reminding me of the underwater sea critters I’ve been seeing on the Blue Planet series discs I’ve been watching from Netflix, transparent, delicate creatures with lines of neon-like lights in their bodies.  Fascinating, really.   What a spectacular ending to a crappy day.  What a treat!

IMG_3766 by you.

IMG_3774  IMG_3764

IMG_3773  IMG_3772

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