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Where is Heather?

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Tommorow my two week vacay closes.  Two weeks ago I flew into LAX, rented a car, have logged more than a grand of miles via the Eastern side of the Sierras, Yosemite, Napa/sonoma Valleys, north to Santa Rosa, west to Point Reyes, down the coast to SF, then further down the PCH. Choosing to leave my laptop at home, I’m now in an internet cafe in San Luis Obispo,  a sweet little town known for CA Poly school. From what I’ve noticed, I could spend a bunch of time here.  The weather’s gorgeous, the ocean’s 10 miles away, teh hills roll off to the East, there’s a solar run indy theater downtown and the streets are lined iwth adorable bungalows.

Looking like Santa Rosa, CA will be my next locale.  Keep your fingers crossed, my profile to work there is being submitted by my staffing agency.  Should know in the next week.

Why CA?  I never would have pegged myself to live in CA.  Traveling here has exposed me to whole new views on the outdoors.  I’m fascinated by the ocean. Now’s the chance to get out and see it.  Figure Santa Rosa will be a good “basecamp” to start in. CA lite, maybe?  Not a big city, should be a good orientation.  ?Lots of pretty, country roads to ride my bike on. SF just a bus ride away.

Not final, but hoping.

Will white knuckle it into La tommorow to return home. Can’t wait to give Annabelle a big squeeze. (After she tells me how pissy she is about my being away for so long.)  Just wait until the ride in the kitty carrier from CO to CA!  Won’t be pretty…how’d such a housecat wind up with an owner full of the wanderlust?

Pics and such to follow once I’m home.  Plenty to share.

One thought on “Where is Heather?

  1. Yes, California can have that effect on people. I went to visit Santa Cruz for a week and based on that seven days I chose to go to grad school in Berkeley. However, I never visited Berkeley before the day I moved into my dorm. But yet it all turned out ok. If I could live in CA again, I would…however, next time I won’t live on a fault line.

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