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Sneek Peek…CA pics!


I downloaded about 800 pics last night from the CA trip. Uh huh…about 800.  Mind you, many will be deleted.  I’ve looked at maybe 1/8, if that.  I’m posting a few as a sneek peek.  Just a smattering.  After work this weekend I should get some trip info up, in parts…because there’s lots to share…lots!


IMG_4555 by you.  Elephant Seals-Big Sur


IMG_4415 by you.  Sequoia, near Santa Cruz


IMG_4375 by you.  Japanese Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco


IMG_4271 by you.  SF from boat to Alcatraz


IMG_4153 by you.  Near Sonoma


IMG_4113 by you.  Tuffa in Mono Lake

4 thoughts on “Sneek Peek…CA pics!

  1. Awe!! These are some of my favorite places in California. I LOVED living there! Big Sur was a great weekend for me once upon a time:)

  2. Hey, I didn’t even know you had a blog. I’m glad I found it! Hope to see you at SnB tonight 🙂

  3. Thanks, Diane! Been meaning to ask, what does gjetost stand for? looking forward to seeing the pillow cover when it’s done.

  4. Katie, when were you there? Where? Did you sell a kidney to afford it?

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