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Tent Rocks Hike


Today was a stellar day!  Mid seventies, light breeze, puffy clouds, all the backdrop for a pretty hike.  Went to Tent Rocks, a park 45min from ABQ near Santa Fe.  Met up with two fellow nurses from work, Elena and Nate, and had a blast!  The hike leads into a slot canyon which opens up into a gully of sorts.  A moderately steep trail (I huffed and puffed) leads up to a stunning view.  Canyons full of “Tent Rocks” open up below your feet.  It was quiet, the ravens swooped above, we got to tease Nate about his fear of heights ; ) 

Nate and Elana by you.  Nate and Elena

IMG_4600 by you. 

IMG_4604 by you. 

IMG_4606 by you.

IMG_4613 by you. 

IMG_4608 by you.  Fuzzy, fluffy fuzz.

IMG_4617 by you.  Drove by a whole bunch of yellow, along the Rio Grande, beautiful.



2 thoughts on “Tent Rocks Hike

  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Those photos are outstanding:) I love New Mexico!! Looks like your knee is all better now. FUN!

  2. Ah what great pictures, fall, beach, all sorts of great things!

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