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Fall Frolic in the NM Neighborhood



IMG_4676 by you.   

Hard to believe my NM time is nearly over!  I’m off to CA the first week of December with a stopover in Denver to spend time with friends.  Last day of work in NM is one week away. 

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know NM.  It’s always been alluring, just over the CO border.  While here I’ve made many new friends.  I’ve tasted new foods, learned about Native American culture and filled my senses with the desert sights, sounds and smells that make me swell up with happiness.  I love it here. 

Time to move on, though, to see new places. Soon, the ocean will replace the desert.  Looking like Stockton, CA is the next destination. Will know for sure early this week.  It’s not the ideal place, but, the economy is limiting the travel RN’s pool of locations somewhat.  90 miles east of SF and just a few hrs from Tahoe and Yosemite, it will be a great basecamp for exploration.  I am bursting with excitement. 

It’s colder in ABQ.  Day time temps are less than 60. Hard freezes have begun. The paper-thin windows in my apartment make me glad I won’t pay to heat it this winter.  Signs or fall are slipping away.   A couple days ago I took a neighborhood stroll. I donned the new FETCHING mitts I made for the CA trip.  They are warm and allow my shutter-bug finger full function.  Silk Garden Lite by Noro (how I love Noro) was a great choice.  Some pics from the newghborhood:

IMG_4651 by you.

IMG_4682 by you.  Scraggly weeds on the curb surprised me with little, tomato-like fruit.  What are they?

IMG_4678 by you.  IMG_4680 by you. Architectural beauties.

IMG_4677 by you.   Chilis on Adobe.  Plenty of authentic adobe in the ‘hood.

IMG_4672 by you.              IMG_4673 by you.


 IMG_4667 by you.

IMG_4663 by you.  Yucca, yucca, yucca!

IMG_4662 by you.

IMG_4661 by you.               IMG_4660 by you.

 Not a lot of red down here.  What there is makes your eyes sing.

IMG_4656 by you.              IMG_4654 by you.  Some sort of fruit tree?

IMG_4653 by you.

Not many walks left here.  Enjoying it while I can.  Off on a bike ride today. Hope I don’t turn into a popsicle!

2 thoughts on “Fall Frolic in the NM Neighborhood

  1. Great photos! Fall is the best time in New Mexico… especially for photographers, you just can’t beat the colors.

    I think the “fruit tree” is an olive tree. My neighbor has one.

  2. Those photos are great! I didn’t realize that you were MOVING to California! How exciting is that?!? You’ll have so much fun and there will be lots of new knitters for you to bond with:)

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