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California Dreamin’ – Part 3 of ? – A Lake Saltier Than the Sea, Yosemite? Where are you?

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So behind…so behind…

Bloging’s playin second fiddle to everyday life these days.  I can’t keep up!  Sunday or Monday I point west for California, all I need packed into the back of my trusty new truck.  Finally caved in and traded in the fuel sipping Ford Focus for something much more practical, a Tacoma.  She’ll be a traveling machine, capable of taking me over bumpy back road and act as a sort of turtle shell on my back, perfect for camping out of (or sleeping in). 

I start work in Stockton, CA 12/9. 

Until then, I’ve a few more days to spend in Golden, CO, cherishing the time spent with friends.  Here’s where home TRULY is.  Been knitting a lot, really, getting frantic re: Xmas gifts.  Every year I over plan and have not enough time to finish all.  You’d think I’d learn.

Below, another post from the CA trip, I figure I should get it all laid out before the CA pics start to fall behind the new CA pics! 

Drove along the Sierra’s with two stops in mind, The Bristlecone Pine forest and Mono Lake.  Yosemite would be the last stop of the day.  The pass in was closed, though, and I had to come to terms with a major rearrangment of plans. More on that. 

IMG_4079 by you.  Weather, up high, would hate to be back in those mtns. Still, so beautiful

  IMG_4081 by you.  Past more purdy hills around Mammoth.

Then, Mono Lake.

Located in Inyo Nat’l Forest, just past the Tioga Pass entrance to Yosemite, this anomaly snuggles up to 13,000 feet peaks.  An inland sea, Mono Lake is one of the oldest lakes in the US.  Having no outlet, it’s salinity is greater than the sea.  Those who brave the icy water are super-boyant.  I dipped in a hand. Brrrr!  Not brave enough to try.  No fish live in the water, however, brine shrimp and fly larvae provide a crucial and fragile link in the food chain for numerous birds and critters. 

TUfa (too-fah) are the tower like stacks you see in the pics. They are the remnants of fresh water springs that once bubbled up into the lake.  Calcuim carbonate form the deposits.

Volcanic formations surround three sides of the lake, the last eruption only 640 years ago. 

This is an area I can’t wait to return to.  There is no camping by the lake. It is quiet, except for the chitter chatter of thousands of birds.

The lake was once drastically drained by the folks managing LA’s water.  This was stopped, though the water is hundreds of feet lower than agreed to. 

I couldn’t help but notice how fragile it all seemed. 

IMG_4088 by you. Tufa and the skyline to the north.

  IMG_4093 by you.  Mandated lake level.  So far away.

IMG_4098 by you.  Looking West  IMG_4101 by you. Moi, comoplete with camping bed head.

IMG_4102 by you.

IMG_4109 by you. Buzzing critters aplenty.


IMG_4111 by you.  Looking West.

IMG_4125 by you.  Sat and worked on Rachel’s B-day gift for a bit. 

YOSEMITE, Here I came!  Wait…where is it?

Next, to Yosemite.  I got lucky and the pass in opened.  If not, I would’ve needed drive north to nearly Tahoe and detour around, a LONG detour.  word spread in the visitors center Tioga Pass opened.  Yippee!

IMG_4131 by you.  Yellow leaves near the entrance.

A glimpse into the park while I could still see where I was.

IMG_4136 by you. 

That didn’t last long.  The fog socked in.  I was enveloped in fog for al least 75% of the park.  Nada, nothing, slow driving through a white blanket.  Was I disapointed?  Yep.  Rock outcroppings teased me with a glimpse of ankle.  I’ve wanted to climb here for years and years and years…


IMG_4150 by you.

IMG_4138 by you.

Peek a boo!

Made it into the main valley, a glimpse of El Capitan.  Was raining and cold. Looked into camping and there were only a handful of canvas tent sites at$90/night.  I was so annoyed, so disgruntled, I poked around and left.  Yosemite, I will be back, next time likely with snow on the ground and skis or snowshoes on my feet.  Tourists warm at home.  Can’t wait…

IMG_4148 by you.  El Capitan

So onward I went, to the little twon of Mariposa, cute, warm in a cheap hotes (much cheaper than a canvas tent.)  Out came the maps to plan the next day.  More on that later…

One thought on “California Dreamin’ – Part 3 of ? – A Lake Saltier Than the Sea, Yosemite? Where are you?

  1. Love the photos!! Looks like you’re having an epic adventure:)

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