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Hallaluja! Saved By a Walk In the Hills


Work sucks.  I’m hoping it improves.  I’ve been a wreck.  Lots of changes + weather I’m not used to + various emotional issues have me feeling funky and a little down.  One year ago my grandma passed away.   I’ll be spending Christmas, at work, not with family.  I’m whining.   I’m done whining.

Today, too cold here to bike, I headed towards SF for a hike.  Kind folks in the Stockton Bike ClubYahoo group advised me on places to go.  Yay!

Went to Morgan Territory Preserve, named after an 1857 pioneer who hunted grizzly bears.  (Now that’s burly!  I bet he didn’t whine about his job.)   Located in the Diablo Range, east of SF and one hours drive (I think it was about that) from Stockton, I saw just a little bit of it. Yet, views stretched on and on in parts. 

IMG_4906 by you.  Drove up a single lane road.  Single lane roads usually lead to good things in my experience.

This is a new kind of beautiful to me, hills roll all over the place, oak trees, different from the Midwest version I grew up with, stud the landscape, moss lined the empty creek and ravine bottoms. 

IMG_4944 by you.

IMG_4942 by you.

Not sure what kind of tree these belong to?  Mom, do you know? You knew the Osage Orange! 

IMG_4921 by you.

And this tree?  I really need a book of CA trees and plants.

IMG_4904 by you.

Was cold, low 40’s, but no rain.  Sun even came out and warmed my cheeks (and my psyche) for part of the time.  Delicious!   Had some mud to deal with, some really sticky, making me a few inches taller at times but nothing a good whack on the boot sole couldn’t fix, with my mud probes, I mean…hiking poles. 

IMG_4918 by you.

Walked misc. trails to the Bob Walker Loop.  Took the Stone Corral to the Coyote trail back.  First part was wide, well trod.  Second part was single track:

IMG_4950 by you.

Saw some turkeys.

IMG_4900 by you.



IMG_4943 by you.


I had the place to myself!  (Except for the cows.)  They graze all over. 

IMG_4937 by you.

Cow:  “Walk for fun?  People are so wierd.  Excuse me while I eat.”

A sign at the trailhead had me worried.  Said that cows can charge, esp if worried about their calf.  Had to walk through many. Made a little noise to warn all.  No worries.  Couple skittered away, most just looked at me with those big, brown eyes.  I think some cows are so cute (esp calfs).  But these were ,likely destined to be burgers, sigh…

View of Mt Diablo to the East, I believe.

IMG_4931 by you.

A few bright leaves hanging on.

IMG_4955 by you.

Saw this litter near the end of the walk. Made me really sad. Why do people do this?  How can they be in such a beautiful place (or anywhere, for that matter)  and chuck thier trash on the ground?  Baffles me…One less piece there now.



Sure was good to be out in the fresh air!  I’ve lots to learn about this new place, it’s critters, trees and plants.

3 thoughts on “Hallaluja! Saved By a Walk In the Hills

  1. Moving can be an adjustment. Moving and then not seeing your family for the holidays because you just moved can really suck. I’ve been there. 🙂

  2. the area you’re in reminds me of southern Spain. Maybe a sister trip some day…eh?! 🙂

    PS That tree looks like it’s covered in some creapy plastic like parasite!!

    • Yah! What happened to our sister trip plans? Maybe we should squeeze one in this winter, even if not far away, even if only for a three day weekend, while there is still time…It’s mistletoe on that tree. No one to kiss under it, though! There’s a tone of it out here. I’ve been told each tree has it’s own unique type of mistletow that lives off it. Makes for a dreamy, canopy-ish look in some places. Very “Lord of the Ring” like, I think…

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