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If You Give a Cat a Purple String-a Lesson in Simple Pleasures…

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First, you take a simple house cat (AKA Annabelle, Belle, Old Girl, Little Missy, Fuzz Face, Lap Cozie)


IMG_5074 by you.


Then, you give here  a ratty, tattered old climbing shoe lace we call the PURPLE STRING which I dangle over her sprawling form.   She grabs it in her teeth, and becomes a blur of batting black fuzz:



IMG_5079 by you.


The content, simple house cat morphs into a feisty, active, frisky critter driven by primal urges:


IMG_5080 by you.


( My slow little camera wasn’t able to get a shot of the “start-on-the-left-side then get stuck-on-the-back while trying to flip-to-the-right-side” maneuver.)

The play lasts a short bit, gets shorter each year, we’ve had 6 of her 14 years together. 


IMG_5075 by you.


She resumes the sprawl-on-the-floor position which quickly turns into the more compact rest-the-head-on-the-floor position of pending sleep.

============ One lesson I get from this===============


I’ve bought this cat bright, crunchy-sounding foil balls (gaining an ocassional batt with one paw but that’s it.  A furry, cat nip stuffed mouse seemed successful for a short time, judging from finding it hidden in various places around the house.   Then it was left in one spot and neglected by her.  (She says “NO” to drugs, ignoring cat nip when I tried to be her pusher.) 

We’ve been through a few PURPLE STRINGS.   She loves them, I’ll find it in  a new place in the house each day.  Just a cheap, simple old shoe lace. 

I’m not big on new years resolutions, BUT, this destined to be an atypical year for me, with atypical challenges, I’ve got some ideas in my head I wish to develop.  The biggest being, SIMPLE PLEASURES ARE BEST. 

I’m easily amused/entertained.  I think my mom helped my sisters and I out in that dept. by providing lots of white butcher/computer paper,(remember the kind in perforated sheets with the hole-lined sides?) crayons, very little TV and locking the screen door on the house (us girls, on the outside, standing on the threshold of  a vast, outdoor playground.)  THANKS MOM! 

I plan to work on, this year, keeping the simple pleasures in mind, spending more time on mind and well-being.  I don’t need ‘things.’  This becomes more and more aparent. 

My PURPLE STRING might consist of the following:

  • Drawing, have been neglecting for years. Last drawing in my sketchbook was dated 2006.
  • Maintaining this BLOG, it’s work, but I love to write. Not sure how many actually read it, but it’s theraputic to share and unload.
  • I will learn how to bake bread this year.
  • Reading.  I do not curl up with a book enough to get really lost in another place.
  • Yoga. Work is beating up my body.  I need to stretch and breath.
  • Of course, knitting.  The size of the stash raises my heart rate. But…how pleasurable would that cabled hoodie, fair isle mittens or lacey red silk scarf I have the goods for be? Very. 

Knitting relaxes me.  Usually…unless Belle chews through the yarn, while being a lap cozie, while I’m knitting. That can raise the heart rate. 

Stay away from my PURPLE STRING  cat!


Drop me a line and let me know what they are.

One thought on “If You Give a Cat a Purple String-a Lesson in Simple Pleasures…

  1. I am SO with you! I also loved the computer/butches paper from our old printer:) Plus the getting outside as a kid was so fantastic. All the things you decided to do this year are great! Good advice for someone who hasn’t made any resolutions.

    PS- were those old climbing shoes La Sportiva’s? Just a guess.

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