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San Francisco sun to the Arctic Tundra (AKA MN)

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What’s new?  In MN having a delayed but very welcomed trip to see family.  Battling a monster of a head cold. Have gone through two (count-em) two boxes of Kleenex.  I could guide that sleigh, alright!  Having much couch time.  Missing out on sister bonding and seeing long-lost friends.  finished a couple knitting projects, though.  Will post pics when I get back to CA and my laptop.  Really, I am thankful to be here.  Just wishing I could be more interactive.

Saw my first Great Snowy Owl in the cornfield above  my folks house, yesterday. Was spectacular.  My uncle informed me the yung’uns are forced farther south, these days, to find food.  Reminded me I forgot to ask for binoculars for Christmas this year.  Doh!

Thought I’d post some pics from a quickie four day trip I took last week, went up into Marin county via Petaluma (which I fantasize about living in) Stayed at the Point Reyes Hostel.  Got rained on.  Saw some ocean, though.

Crossing one of the many bridges onto Hwy 101:

IMG_5082 by you.

Stayed at the Point Reyes Hostel, a gem, cheap, great kitchen and common area.  Met a couple sisters road trippng from Portland.  They were having quite the adventure!  Woke up to rain, lots of rain, a constant drizzle of cold rain.  Did some quick hikes to pretty places but couldn’t ramp up for a long one.

Limari Beach:

IMG_5095 by you.

Explored the quaint, cute town of Point Reyes Station, grabbed supplies at the grocery, and pointed south through eucalyptus tree-lined roads passing through verdant hills and farms.

IMG_5100 by you.

IMG_5098 by you.

Mistletoe with no one to smooch…

IMG_5101 by you.

This area is known for dairy farms.

IMG_5102 by you.  Meat or cheese cows?

What a beauty. Lots of homes of this style:

IMG_5106 by you.

STINSON BEACH:  Was very crowded when I passed through in Oct. Nearly had it to myself this time.  Revealed a few treasures:

IMG_5120 by you.

Beach Flotsam and Jetsam:

IMG_5132 by you.

IMG_5127 by you.

IMG_5123 by you.

IMG_5111 by you.

“Mine?”  “Mine?”  “Mine…mine…mine!”

IMG_5112 by you.


IMG_5113 by you.

The ocean is still a strange and wonderous thing to me.  I spent some time just sitting and contemplating it’s force, it’s movement, and wonderng where the rock I held in my hand started out?

IMG_5124 by you.

Went to MUIR WOODS  next. Spent just a short bit there.  Was really dark and (yep…misty).  They have miles and miles of trails I plan to return to.  Some have stunning ocean views.   Everything was so green, moist, mossy, lush.

IMG_5136 by you.

IMG_5138 by you.

Was too dark for good photos of the tree groves.  This one may be too dark to see well:

IMG_5139 by you.

Last two days I spent in SAN FRANCISCO!  Sun. was a full day of biking, the highlight of the trip. Sat. night was nothing to sneeze at, though.  I went to the famous CASTRO THEATER in the Castro district, where my all time favorite yarn shop, IMAGIKNIT is ( and was VERY good.  Bought one skein of “unreleased” Malabrigo DK weight yummy, squooshy, mushy merino that, I think, will become a lacey beanie and one skein of Lornas Laces Bulky in “Mixed Berries” to become slippers.

The film was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which I’d never seen.  What a silly, fabulous love story!  The theater is beautiful, ornately muralled and draped in velvet.  A man played a hurdie-gurdie organ before the show started.  It was wonderful.  Then, I got lost trying to drive to the hostel, for 45 minutes.  SF is NOT for driving.  If I lived there (and boy would I love it, for a short time) I would park the truck and never move it (except for road trips, of course).

Spent all of Sun. exploring SF on my bike, something I was looking forward to the whole trip.  The weather cooperated, it was chilly enough for neoprene shoe booties and a wind jacket, but…dry!

Biked across the Golden Gate bridge. Something REALLY cheesy.  I could tell hard-core riders were using the bike lane for their daily training rides.  They must have known I was a touron.

Still…there was no wind. It was a blast!

IMG_5155 by you.

This little guy got a lift from his papa:

IMG_5153 by you.

Wound through some pricey neighborhoods,  a stretch of parks, (SF really knows how to do parks) hit the PCH, then entered Golden Gate Park.  What a blast!  The main drag was closed off on the (east?) end and boy the locals know how to have a good time.

There were kids on trikes, kids on training wheels (leaning on the one closest to the ground, of course), kids on big wheels, kids on scooters, people on tandems.

IMG_5171 by you.

There was a Lindy-Hop dance:

IMG_5173 by you.

There was  a roller-rink, 80’s music booming, with people, on skates, flipping, dancing, and one kid who kept riding his big-wheel around.  Check out this guy’s red furry skates!

IMG_5179 by you.


I was half-way through my ride, the sun was getting low, I was REALLY getting cold.  I ate my Luna Bar.  I did what most of SF seems to do (I love how bike friendly this place is) and found the bus.  Using the bike rack on the front of the bus for the first time made me nervous.  I sat near the front because:

A) I don’t know the streets by name and need to see out the window so I know when to pull the cord to get off.

B)  It was reassuring to see my handlebars peeking through the windshield.

Made it back to the truck, loaded up, and pointed east for home (kind of home).

I was so happy for the bike ride, the dry weather.   Can’t wait to return for more!

One thought on “San Francisco sun to the Arctic Tundra (AKA MN)

  1. You were in my stomping grounds:) I used to go to Stinson Beach to study with my friends. It was so fun to be doing homework by the ocean!
    And I used to do the bus/bike think quite often up the Berkeley Hills. YAY!!

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