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An Unusual Christmas: MN, Kleenex, Down…

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Finally made it to MN to see my family for the holidays.  Unfortunately, a knarly cold followed me from CA, rendering me a useless blob on the couch for 4 of the 6 days here.  A real disapointment, I missed out on some serious quality time with my three sisters, parents and other family spending most of the time either:

  • Blowing my nose (two boxes kleenex in one day, a record)
  • Eating chicken soup and drinking copious amounts of tea, OJ and water
  • Sleeping on the couch

Today is Sunday.  I woke up feeling somewhat human today.  My sis and I went out for breakfast at the cow-themed restaraunt (The Scandia Calf-e  –  REALLY!)  where I had my first job.  Bussed tables and washed dishes there.  Under different managment back then (we’re talking age 14/15ish), it sucked.  Badly.  I had the oomph to make chili for a family gathering that afternoon.   Felt great to be upright and productive.

Sisters convened, uncle stopped in later on the way home from the deep freeze…errr…Ely, MN.

Here, some family snapsots:

Rachel cutting out adorable kid clothes for her business, Sweet Pea and Company, found on

IMG_5199 by you.

Sister Ali and her dog, Tully, chillin:

IMG_5198 by you.

Maizey, my folks cat, who likes to be a neckwarmer.  (She also enjoys ear-licking and will “groom” your hair.)  Dig the Rudolph nose I sport?

IMG_5188 by you.

Bridger, Karen and Wes’s dog, looking adorable as usual.  (I don’t have a pic of Loki, their Husky.)

IMG_5195 by you.

How cold is it here?  Cold enough for the cat to curl up inside my down parka!  (A chick after my own heart.)

IMG_5197 by you.

Was glad for a day when I could enjoy my family’s company, laugh, knit, eat real food and feel like a person again, not a part of the couch’s upholstery.

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