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Christmas Knitting-Success and failures (lessons learned?)

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As usual, I started thinking about Christmas knitting last summer, visions of hand-knit gifts for all dancing in my head.  Only two gifts really turned out out of three attempted. I’m blaming my lack of preparedness on all the dang fall B-days in my family.  ALL three sisters have b-days from Aug-Nov.  All recieved knit gifts this year for b-days.

I knit the DUMPLING BAG from Interweave Knits for Rachel and it didn’t felt right.  Plus…the colors I chose didn’t look too hot.  Scrapped.

I knit the FELTED CLOGS  for Ali.  Using the washer at the “Extended Stay Hotel” I’m at in CA, which had only COLD water due to a mechanical problem, they wouldn’t felt down. After three wash cycles I gave up and called mom.  “Bring ’em to MN!”  Wonder what a bagggage inspector would have thought of them?  Hah!  I showed the clown clogs to Ali (huge they were, a mens size 20 maybe?).  We all laughed.  One trip through mom’s washer on hot and they submitted down to a ladies size 10 for her feet.  She took them home smiling.  No pic. I forgot to take one.  They are royal blue and bright green (Cascade 220.)  I’ll get a pic from her.

Karen’s mittens were really fun to make.  I learned a new braided cast on.  She loved them.  Whew!  I plan to graph out a matching hat (with snowflakes worked in) for her B-day next year.  (Better start soon!)

IMG_5189 by you.

They are the

MITTENS FROM LAPLAND fair isle mitts from the Folk Mittens book.  I used the same colors used in the book since they looked so Northern European.  They fit Karen, I was worried about that. After a good soak and blocking, the yarn, CASCADE 220 SUPERWASH bloomed and fluffed and all those little “oops” disapeared.  Gauge was a little off, about 7-7.5 SPI. I magic looped them on a size 4.  Would use a 6 for myself.  ( I have big paws.)  I’m not crazy about the peasant-style thumb. Prefer a gussetted thumb.  Did not want to figure out how to work one into this.  Looking more closely, though, it would have been simple to do so and will be fearless next time in converting thumb construction.
Knitted a bit in MN.   Cold meds made me either too wired (sudafed) or too sleepy (benadryl) to knit much.  Picked simple projects. 
Started and finished the TURNING A SQUARE hat by Jared Flood, the brilliant knitting pattern designer you can find at:
IMG_5191 by

Used Noro Kureyon, pulled from both ends of the skeins and alternated three and two row stripes.  CO 64 stitches on a size 5 needle and knit the hat body on 7’s.  I have a pin head and always make my hats smaller.  LOVE this Noro colorway. Cast on, today, MITERED MITTENS by Elizabeth Zimmerman, alternating two row stripes, from the same colorway. Will post later when done.

I am a NORO addict.

IMG_5192 by you.

Should finish the mittens over the next couple days.  Pics to follow. Happy New Year Kniting!


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