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Turkey Tracks and a Special Visit from a Great Snowy Owl

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Back in CA.  Thawed quite nicely!  Left MN yesterday in -17 temps with -36 windchill  to t-shirt and a hoodie sweatshirt in Stockton. 

Annabelle greeted me with her usual scolding. We bonded, me in bed honking into tissues (cold is stubborn, won’t go away). She, not caring, planted in my lap with the purring motor on overdrive.

What’s new now?  Looking for Sacramento housing.  Have a couple leads.  Start a night position next week.  Will drive the hour up tommorow to see some places. 

Planted at Panara Bread.  Internet at the “hotel room” home is down.  Chicken soup for lunch!  If I didn’t feel so crummy I’d head to Yosemite for a few days, tommorow.

Thought I’d post a the last of the MN pics. 

There is a field adjacent to my folks property.  I grew up here, spending a lot of time running around in the fields and woods.  I usually tramp around when back. This time I would have passed out, from the goo in my head, to be found in the spring.  I did hoof it up to see the GREAT SNOWY OWL I mentioned a couple posts ago.  Snapped these pics of the field:


IMG_5187 by you.


A maze of turkey tracks.  They now flourish, making a comeback from days gone by. 


IMG_5185 by you.


What you don’t see is me, standing in my dad’s boots, my flannel PJ’s and my down inferno parka.  It was an impromptu photo moment and I was NOT getting dressed that day.


IMG_5182 by you.


Cold eased off just enough to allow me the chance of a meet-up wiht family the night before I flew out.  I was thrilled, relieved.  Being sick stank.  I typical MN fashion we drove through a MN snowstorm to meet up for dinner.  The tactical planning (staying off the interstate was key) rivaled those at the Pentagon. 

Nothing like hugs from my family to recharge the mental batteries.

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