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Lost without my camera…a sweater begins.


I feel too crappy to travel anywhere this weekend. Bummer since I had a few days off and they’re having record high temps here in sunny CA.  Nicest weather, in fact, since I got here in December. 

Left my camera at my folk’s house in MN.  Will get mailed back next week.  Still…I feel nervous as a Chihuaua in a room full of rambuncious kindergarteners without it.  Dramatic, yes, but the point should be illustrated. 

Instead of wandering through, say, Yosemite or Kings Canyon this weekend (which was what I had in mind before getting sick) I’m chilling, coffee-shop knitting/blogging, watching DVD’s.

Managed to start a little sewing project but it’s a gift so no more details until mailed.  Sewing in a hotel room is a feat!  Comical, really, had I the camera I’d document for you.

Started a sweater for moi!  Moving along quite quickly.  Have no camera so no pics but here’s a pilfered pic of the sweater pattern:


Mine is in an undyed, lovely chocolate brown wool called Shepherds Own by Fibranatura.   Bought at Village Wools in Albuquerque, it’s  a soft, smooshy steal at around $8 for 225 yards.  Comes in all natural colors (grey, cream, browns).  Again, a pilfered pic:

Mine is this color.  Not dyed, it’s the actual color of the sheeps’ fleece!  How cool is that!  Instead of a dye lot on the label, it had a “FLOCK NUMBER.”  Pics when the camera shows up.

2 thoughts on “Lost without my camera…a sweater begins.

  1. I have some black fleece that I’ve been spinning and it’s so incredible! Plus it’s got these flecks of brown that just make it so funky.

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