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Update: Needles on Fire! Next Road-Trip…

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How do people routinely work night shifts?  I had my first day,  (I mean night) shift (other than orientation), at the new Sacramento, CA job last night.  I’m working with a great bunch of nurses. Had a REALLY sick patient last night. They all pitched in to help and keep an eye on my other patients while I devoted my time to him.  I can tell this will be a great assignment except…


I’m so turned around.  I have to look at my watch to figure out the day, at times.  I can’t sleep during the day.  I’m lucky if I get 6 hours the day after a shift.  I’m doing the dark room/earplug thing but my body wants to be up and moving.  I figure it will be beaten into submission, but I may be all worn out by then.  Sigh…

Found a fun group of gals, through, to Stitch N’ Bitch with at a local pub. Nice gals, good to gab, good to learn more about the area through them.   Can’t beat knitting while enjoying fish-n-chips and beer.

Knitting the CASSIDY hoodie by CHIC KNITS.  It’s flying off the needles. I’m super motivated to get it done and wear it.  I’m making it in a soft, squooshy un-dyed wool called SHEPHERDS OWN by FIBRANATURA, worsted weight.  Since it’s undyed, it’s the color of the sheep!  Instead of a dye lot on the label, theres a FLOCK NUMBER!  I think that’s so cool!  The cables are simple, easy to memorize.  A couple inches are what’s left to do on the front left piece. 

IMG_5204 by you.


IMG_5203 by you.


Venturing into Old Sacramento, tonight, for dinner with a fellos-travel RN from MN!  What a coincidence. 

Tommorow, off to the Calistoga, CA area (top of Napa Valley) for some hot spring soaking, hiking and biking.  Have a few days off.  Haven’t road tripped in weeks. Well overdue.

One thought on “Update: Needles on Fire! Next Road-Trip…

  1. Flock number! That is awesome!

    It would be so hard to work nights – Just remind yourself that it is a temporary assignment and you should get through it, and maybe even adjust to it! Pretend you are back in college! I was definitely nocturnal then.

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