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I Get to Be an Auntie! Making Baby Clothes.

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Had a week, upon returning from MN, where I was too sick to get outside and play, so, I caved in to an estrogen surge and made this little pinafore sundress for my friend Lisa’s wee one, Annabelle. Will mail it this week. 

Isn’t she adorable?  (Annabelle that is, Lisa’s just plain  pretty!)

 IMG_4718 by you.

I’ve never made baby clothes.  It was so little!  I had fun picking ou the cheery fabric, red is my favorite color. I love to see little ones in red. I had troubles making the matching sun hat so added that to the scrap box.

IMG_5201 by you.


The inside bodice is lined with the red polka-dot of the little bloomers.  There are red buttons on the back. This was truly fun to make.  The pattern is: Simplicity #9784

Which brings me to a new point,




Yep..sis Ali and her hubby Josh are expecting.  Little baby “Whatsit” is due in early July.  Not at week 20 yet, the gender is unknown.  But believe-you-me…once I know the gender look out!  I’ll be making baby clothes.  Red for a boy?  Frilly, lacey sweaters for a girl?  A quilted blankie?  Not sure…I’ll keep you posted.

One thought on “I Get to Be an Auntie! Making Baby Clothes.

  1. We’ve both been having dreams it’s a girl. 🙂 I hope so because all I’ve been looking at is girl clothes. Josh is afraid if we have a boy I’ll dress him in drag. 😉 But boy clothes are SO boring compared to little girl stuff. 🙂

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