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Evil-Kneevil Squirrels and Bambi…

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Despite CA’s budget swimming in red ink (locals have interesting things to say about gross misspending) they were pretty darn smart to invest in the AMERICAN RIVER PARKWAY.  Today I found it, with it’s bike path, and got out and stretched the legs.  (Left knee’s been getting fussy.  Not enough exercise.)  After four days off, I felt awake enough to safely pedal my bike along.  Bummer since I go back to work tonight. 

Was just what I needed. Warm in the sun (too much for jacket) but cool enough with the breeze and air movement while biking, the sun was on my face, the sky perfectly clear.  Houses were nearly completely shielded from view by old oaks and distance.  There were shady parts, grassy meadows, the pavement is smooth. 

Rode for a couple hours then said Uncle.  Need to nap this afternoon (if I can). 

The bike path runs for 23 miles along the American River which runs through SAC.  I stuck to the safer section, up around Carmichael.  Aparently, the trail by downtown is less safe.  Hoping to hook up with locals to ride with.  (Mental note…stop in bike shop for info/groups/ride schedules.)

The highlights of the day:

  • Karen booked us a room for our Tahoe ski trip in March. Woo hoo!  Now I’m REALLY motivated to get left knee into shape so I can at least attempt to keep with her.  (Though I never can!  She kicks my butt.)
  • Saw a doe and three fawns (with faint spots) on the trail.
  • Saw kayakers on the river, looked so peaceful, them being nose to beak level with the herons and other birds.
  • Watched an acrobatic squirrel bank off tree trunks while running alongside me.
  • Met a nice fellow that recommended a reputable bike shop and local rides.
  • Nothing like the wind on your face when spinning a bike along. 
  • Stopped at Trader Joes (how I love that store) for one bag of groceries and left with two.  (Dreamy-creamy Greek style yogurt included.)

The only bummer of the day:

  • Have to try to nap before work tonight.  I’m not a good napper, esp when I want to be doing other things.

I’ll bring my camera next time I ride the bike path and share pics.

One thought on “Evil-Kneevil Squirrels and Bambi…

  1. Oooo, I saw a doe and two fawns yesterday while riding through the forest!! Weird

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