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MILK – The Movie – At a funky old theater.

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Tonight I treated myself to dinner and a movie. 

I prefer small, independent theaters to the big box theaters.  A gal I met through a knitting group out here in SAC showed me the Tower Theater and it’s adjacent restauraunt the Tower Cafe.  We had lunch there last week (and sat in camping chairs in a nearby park, in the sun, knitting, surrounded by ducks and geese. It was a great afternoon!

The restauraunt serves fantastic food, is one of those places I would take a visiting family member or friend (hint…hint…who’s coming out?) because it’s so unique and special.  In front of the theater and restauraunt is a lush garden with tables for dining, complete with a fountain, all occupying a tidy corner of a city block. 

The Tower’s, well, tower on top, all lit up, is a beacon of old-fashioned art-deco-glamour.  I wish I’d had my camera in my purse. What was I thinking?  I always tote it around!  It was abeautiful sight all lit up.  Below, a pic from a website,

Photo by Richard Tolmach from the website above.  The theater is in danger of closure

towerPhoto courtesy of Richard Tolmachvv














Watched the flick MILK which was incredible.  I loved that it was full of real-seeming people, working towards a cause.  Laced with historical footage of gay rights events in the 70’s and on, it’s history.  Amazing that people had those saved.  Plus…it’s based in San Francisco, which you may have noticed from blogs past I am fascinated with.  (Already planning my next trip back.  It’s only a couple hours away from SAC. )

The movie made me nibble my nails (nasty habit, I know), give silent cheers to the characters, and let loose plenty of tears. Wish I had someone to talk to about it.  (It’s 1015 PM out here and I don’t think friends east of me would apreciate a call “just-beacause” at 1115 PM or midnight.)

Here’s a trailer.  I recommend this movie, rave, really.  Sean Penn was incredible.  I wanted to hug him.  Was an odd feeling.  Less than 2 minutes does not do the movie justice but gives you a taste.

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