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A Hike Through History and Old McDonalds Farm

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Hiked yesterday with a new friend, Amy. We met at at Stitch N Bitch here in SAC.  Was just a quick out and back but a great leg-stretcher.  Beats going to the gym, which I’ve been trying oh-so-hard to be good about.  Would much rather play outside.

Drove east of SAC on hwy 80 to FOLSOM LAKE STATE RECREATION AREA.  It’s about a 40 min drive from “home.”  The hike takes you along the withered shores of Lake Folsom (a reservoir), past a peaceful pond, a hydroelectric powerhouse, the remains of the North Fork Ditch, and along the North Fork of the American River.

It is dangerously dry here in CA.  What’s been mild, dry, sunny weather to me is a forecast for disaster here.  Farmers are scared.

Amy’s jaws dropped when she saw how low the waterline is on teh riveer and the lake.  This is supposed to be the rainy season.  Nope…Saw in the paper this area should have nearly 12″ rain thus far and have had barely 6″.


IMG_5280 by you.

Our hike took us along the river, past a little bubbling watering hole set up for horses, past a quaint pond with picnic tables, and past a hydroelectric facility.  This station powers 12,000 houses.

IMG_5285 by you.

The gold rush if 1849 started in this area.  (There’s an interpretive hike at the place where the first nugget was documented I’m itching to do just shy of here.)  A town of greater than 1,000 near Rattlesnake Bar, where we parked, once housed laborers and gold-miners.  All that’s left is a water ditch, a relic of concrete, which once provided a “floom” of a water supply to some.  Here’s what’s left:

Can you see the concrete behind the fence-post?

IMG_5292 by you.

More of a ditch structure:

IMG_5297 by you.

Old bits of history such as this intrigue me.

The hike headed along a meadow’y path and followed up the river.  We had to turn around to meet a return deadline, though. 

Amy, on the trail:

IMG_5286 by you.

It was a warm day.  I bared my neon-white legs and was comfy in a T-shirt. 

We stopped at the quaint little pond and ate lunch, so kindly packed by Amy. She brought a special treat!  Ever have sunflower nut-butter?  It’s delicious.  Also had a REAL ORANGE plucked from a tree in her back yard. How cool is that?  People have citrus trees in their yards out here.  If I had one I’d buy a juicer and have fresh OJ.  It was so sweet and juicy, was a great little lunch.  Knitted for just a bit.  She sewed up the toe of a sock she started just a few days ago.  She is a SPEED DEMON knitter.  I can’t believe how fast she knits.  Her fingers are like the cartoon characters legs that are just a blur when running…really!

IMG_5299 by you.

I worked on my second Broadripple sock.   First is done!  It’s made of Cascade Fixation and is soft and stretchy.

Sock Number one:   

IMG_5313 by you.

Enjoyed our lunch and headed back.  Drove past pretty, somewhat rural farms (seemed hobby farm’ish except fot the numerous horse stables).  Farm critters fascinate me.  I wonder if I’m not destined to have some someday?

Like these:

Llamas, llamas make alpaca, alpaca makes soft, light, yummy knit wear.

IMG_5310 by you.

Look at that cow’s  face.  It was inquisitive.  I wonder if it’s a family pet or destined to be dinner?  A pet, I hope.

IMG_5308 by you.

Goats with very strange, very interesting horns. 

“A little to the left, no a little to the right!”

IMG_5305 by you.

Sheep.  There was a swarm of lambs in this field, tiny, achingly adorable lambs who seemed levitate, to bounce in the air off all fours instead of running.  Alas, they sproinged away when I apporached. Wished for a faster camera at that moment!

IMG_5271 by you.

They made me laugh! So adorable.  Little, mobile sweaters…

Was  a great day!

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