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The Baby in The Window-American Folklore


I watch my sis and hubby-in-law’s (Tyler) blog.  Today I found this posted.

Tyler grew in up in a quintessentially rural, Western MN farming community.  In that town stands a house with a baby doll perched in it’s window.   All the time.  Embedded below is the link to the short film, about 9 minutes long. It’s a time committment to watch (aren’t most of us short on that these says.)  I’m a sucker for American Folklore, though.  Growing up in what was once a rural MN farming community I can relate to the scenery, houses and more.

If you have time and are interested in American Folklore/oral history it’s a good little film to watch.  Be sure to see the quick little blurb AFTER the credits. 

Yes, it’s creepy, but really makes me curious.  Really.

2 thoughts on “The Baby in The Window-American Folklore

  1. Thanks for posting about the film. I’m glad people are watching and sharing. Also, I applaud your patience. 9 minutes is like a lifetime in Youtube. I often wonder… how many people, out of the 3500 people who’ve watched it online, have actually seen the little easter egg at the end. That was my favorite interview to tape, but the wind rendered most of it useless.

  2. You’re welcome!

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