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Isn’t She Lovely?


 Miss Annabelle Claire, sittin pretty in the little sundress I made her. Gee I hope it fits this summer!  I made the 18 mo old size. She’s about 6 1/2 mo old now.  Lisa, what are you feeding that girl?  ; )  SHE’S SITTING! 

Previous post about the dress’s specifics:



So what else is new?  Just finished 6 shifts in 8 days, I mean nights, I mean days…I am pooped.  There’s a rejuvinating sight on the horizon, though.  Have a visitor arriving tommorow night with a road trip in sight!  Weather’s crapping out.  How ironic.  Planning  a foray back to the Owens Valley/Bishop/maybe Death Valley area.  I’m psyched! 

Knitting a gift for said traveler, pics posted when the surprise is over.  Here’s a hint…I should be eating lefsa and lutefisk while knitting.  Hee Hee!  Can you guess what it is? 

Other news…

Have bitten the bullet and am enlisting the assistance of Shannon, a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness.  She will (CLAP!) “Pump you up!” as my sis  Rachel phrased it.  (Rememeber Hans and Franz on SNL?)  My girlie arms aren’t what they used to be.  She’s making me work hard and teaching me new tricks to keep things interesting in the gym.  Has targeted my trouble spots (abs, stretching, good ol’ left knee, abducting muscles in my thighs, that’s the short list.) It’s been good for me.  Really…the pain’s worth it!  Ugh…

3 thoughts on “Isn’t She Lovely?

  1. Don’t be a little girlie-man! Yaaa! I’m Hanz, and I’m Fraz…. and we’re here to PUMP you up! Very cute dress!

  2. That dress is adorable!! yet, not pink and frilly… it is possible to be girly without pink frills, yay 🙂

    Thanks for all the tips on CO. I actually do visit Denver about twice a year, in fact that’s where I am now until we move to the Granby condo on Sunday. Don’t think I’ll be climbing this trip… too much fun to be had in the snow. We have our snowshoes, xc skis, telemark skis… can’t wait to get into that powder!

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