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Water Wings and Rubber Duckies PART THREE: Into S. Francisco-No left turn! How can it rain upsidedown? Orchids and Boats.

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Into San Francisco for a half-day adventure.  Planned to travel by foot and bus to see some sights. Rain pelting the truck made Kurt and I laugh, changing our plans for a retreat to indoor sights in Golden Gate Park. Took HWY 101 through the park, thought the rain was letting up and planned to break from that idea and head to the Wharf.  There is no way to make a left hand off that road. NO LEFT signs became a running joke.  I’ve mentioned how frightening driving in SF is, in previous posts.  I’m learning the major arteries, now, it’s a little less scary (unless I have to park on the street, that’s another story.) 

Made a RIGHT, turned around, headed into GG Park and found the CONSERVATORY OF FLOWERS, which I’ve visited before, but wouldn’t ever tire of. 


IMG_5426 by you.


A peek of blue sky, the first and only in three days.  Almost hurt my eyes:


IMG_5425 by you.


Snapshots from within:


IMG_5450 by you.


IMG_5428 by you.


Oh the orchids:


IMG_5431 by you.


IMG_5433 by you.


Buddha’s Hand:


IMG_5432 by you.


A Model of SF landmarks made entirely from reused/found objects (eg: keyboard letters, cassette tapes, etc.)


IMG_5438 by you.


IMG_5439 by you.


Bug eating plants:


IMG_5443 by you.


IMG_5445 by you.


IMG_5447 by you.


IMG_5449 by you.


Rain let up, unbelievably.  Made a dash for the Wharf. Parked at my super top-secret spot (no tiny, hillside spots to maneuver the beast, I mean truck into.)

View of Golden Gate bridge from Fort Mason walkway:


IMG_5452 by you.


Hey little guy!  Ampitheater steps:


IMG_5454 by you.


Working boats, which I find fascinating:


IMG_5456 by you.


IMG_5459 by you.


Foldable bike, how cool is this?  Wonder how it rides?


IMG_5461 by you.


Departed SF at planned 2 PM for fear of hitting nasty traffic. Glad we did. Found a couple pockets of traffic in spots along Hwy 80.  Always seems a little sad to wind up a roadtrip on a busy, five lane freeway.  Got Kurt back to the airport.  Memorabe trip completed, with thoughts for the next adventure brewing, as usual.

One thought on “Water Wings and Rubber Duckies PART THREE: Into S. Francisco-No left turn! How can it rain upsidedown? Orchids and Boats.

  1. Heather, I cannot stress how much I love your blog! I also cannot believe that I didn’t spend enough time exploring the Bay Area! And now I once again live near the ocean and don’t see it as often as I should. YIKES!

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