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An Odd Day – Fresh Air and a $20 movie – Slumdog Millionaire


Woke at 2ish this afternoon after a night of work.  I’m an 8 hour of sleep kind of girl.  These 5 -6 hr sleeps are not cutting the mustard.  I can’t wait to be done with nights.  They’re wrecking me!

Floating around in that half-asleep state, I made coffee, eval’d the sky, noticed blue skies and dry (ish), calm air.  Didn’t trust myself on my bike, not coherent enough.  Desperate to prove to myself I’m not turning into a mole (it’s a challenge most days) I went for a walk on the American River, next to the bike path.


A flyfisherman. Looked like fun:

IMG_5464 by you.

Pretty and smelly, too:

IMG_5475 by you.

After, saw a treat of a movie, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.  Became a $20 treat after one ticket and the “matinee bargain special” of popcorn and a small coke.  Worth it.  Went to the Tower theater, blogged about earlier after seeing MILK.  (A masterpiece, in my mind.)  I’d much rather give this theater my $20 than the giant big-box theaters.

Stashed the trusty camera in my bag and got a pic of the Tower  lit up in all it’s art-deco splendor. It’s dark, but you can get an idea of the fountain, palm trees and garden in front of it.  A special place.

IMG_5478 by you.

I watched the Oscars on Sunday.  I’ll admit, I love oogling the gowns as much as the talent.  This flick has been on my “to watch” list for some time.  It earned numerous Oscars.


It’ s splendid. It is disturbing. It is real.  You may cry and ask often, “Why?”

A  2 min. trailer.  Like usual, they don’t do the film justice:

Tommorow, a long bike ride if Mother Nature cooperates?  If not, lots of knitting to catch up on.

2 thoughts on “An Odd Day – Fresh Air and a $20 movie – Slumdog Millionaire

  1. That has been the ONLY movie showing in Fraser, since we got there a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t get around to seeing it, and yesterday they changed the movie selection to “He’s Just Not That Into You”. oops… shoulda gone to the movies earlier.

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