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Better than the first day of school!

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Tommorow at 0600 I’ll wake and head to my friend Amy’s house here in Sacramento.  Then, her sweetie will drive a car full of excited, fiber crazed women to the Amtrack Depot downtown and leave us in line with a reputed 500 other fiber-crazed (I’m assuming mostly) women. Where to?

All aboard to STITCHES WEST!  900 vendors of all things yarn, a couple hours away inSanta Clara.  How will I sleep tonight?  (extra benadryl?)  This is MORE exciting than the first day of school, people!  I’ve never been on a train! 

I’m using too many exclamation points!

I’ve been almost faithful to my “yarn diet,” cheating twice, both purchases less than $10 for the last three months.  I have a set amount of cash in my bag.  There will be unusual and beautiful things there.  Pics will be posted of my treasures found.

We met up tonight for a little beer and stitching at a local pub, great place by the way, Bon Lair here in Sac.  Amy shared her top-secret strategy for maximum territory coverage.  Will be a LONG day. I’m planning on being pretty zonked Sunday.

It will be worth it!

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