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STITCHES WEST-My first train ride led to a knitters paradise

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Saturday I went toStitches West, a larger than life show (the kind held in a convention center) with 500 vendors and purveyors of fine fiber goodies.  I was very good, stayed within my budget, and came home with some fun stuff.

PLUS…I got to ride an Amtrack train for the FIRST time!  I’ve had several first time experiences this last year of travel work.   Ever take a train somewhere?  It’s fascinating! The sounds, the sights (from the top floor), the man that walks from car to car in the funny black hat, walking between cars and seeing the joints moving. 

This ride went from Sacramento to Santa Clara, below San Jose.  “The wrong side of the tracks” was illustrated at times.  There is some serious poverty in the Bay Area.  My friend Amy grew up those parts and did some volunteering to help less fortunate people. Whoa, the stories shared. 

This train ride snaked through marshes, past salt refineries,  and giant bridges spanning the bay.  I saw tar paper shacks, ‘burbs, huge boats, a stadium, piles of trash along the tracks, neat and new condos, a couple quaint towns. You name it. 

Wasn’t supposed to take pics at Stitches. Found that out after taking a couple and heard the overhead announcment. I felt dumb!   Was taking them not to steal ideas but to document for you, oh blog reader, the spectacular sights.  Thus I’m ommitting them from my post.  Sigh…

Stash Aquisition:

Enough of the black bulky yarn for a sweater, about $50 total . What a steal! I’m thinking a cabled cardigan.

The middle is Socks That Rock Lightweight in a brand-spanking new color combo called “Alf-A”.  I love it!

The front is, get this, Possum Sock by Cherry tree hill, made from wool and New Zealand Possum. Cool!  Enough for fingerless mitts, I think. Have always wanted to try it out. It was discounted enough to do so.

IMG_5532 by you.


Picks from the train (pardon the glare, fuzziness, it’s the best the ol’ trusty camera  could get):

Mural inside the SAC depot (very old bldg, brick, beautiful):

IMG_5486_1 by you.

Amy and her mom Lynn boarding the train:

IMG_5487_1 by you.

Big boats and lots of industrial stuff. Lots of this:

IMG_5492_1 by you.


IMG_5498_1 by you.


IMG_5500_1 by you.


Mound O’ Salt:


IMG_5507 by you.


IMG_5503_1 by you.


Notice the graffitti?  It was everywhere.  Some interesting, Built up in layers.  Made me “train sick” to look too closely when speeding along.  Became a blur after awhile.

Oakland stadium:


IMG_5504_1 by you.


IMG_5522_1 by you.


IMG_5524_1 by you.


IMG_5526_1 by you.


Arrived back at the depot after a few hours. We were exhausted. Amy’s sweetie picked us up. 

She squeezed in a few more rows while waiting for him. 


IMG_5530_1 by you.


I love shows as such and have been to some sewing/quilting related ones. Always good for the comraderie and to fuel the creative spark.

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