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Pedaling Around UC Davis-One cool city!

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Davis was on my list of places to see while out here in CA.  I’ve heard tales of how the city and school promote bicycle-friendly culture.  Headed there with my bike to check it out yesterday. 

IMG_5552 by you.

Wow! I have never seen a more bike-friendly city. Bike lanes are everywhere.  The campus had seemingly thousands and thousands of bike racks. (With bikes to fill them!)  Rows of bikes stretched on to the horizon.

IMG_5553 by you.

Sitting on a chair eating a so-so sandwich from a delicatessen (because I’m a sucker for nostalgia-filled places like delicatessens with rows of tomato cans on teh shelves and salami’s hanging from the ceiling) I noted all sorts of folks on bikes.

There were students (some on cell phones, sketchy!)  There were commuters, kids, parents, people on BMX’s, Townie Cruiser-bikes, slick single-speed bikes with tiny handlebars, (why are they so short?  Is it to protect the rider from the handlebars from catching on cars?)   I, personally, don’t like to be that close and intimate with a car, thank you! 

There were two bikes made of bamboo:

 IMG_5536 by you.


IMG_5537 by you.


Rode around campus, then circumnavigated it, went past the cow and horse barns.  (I think I may have been a livestock farmer in another life since I love such critters and still find myself wanting a hobby farm someday.  I’ll snap out of it.)  CU Davis is a big agriculture school.

Many fields/gardens. HUGE rabbits in this one.  What do they put in those greens?

IMG_5539 by you.

A more formal garden with the best smelling flowering tree.  There was no sign to tell me what it was. Dogwood perhaps? Intoxicating.

IMG_5546 by you.


IMG_5540 by you.

The arboretum stretches along a creek with areas designed to teach the observer about various ecosystems, such as the Mediterranean, the CA foothills, Redwoods, etc.  Lots of ducks, some waddling across the paths. Others lazing about the creek. Many squirrels with black triangles on tier backs I have yet to look up.

IMG_5534 by you.


IMG_5547 by you.

Threatened to rain, never did. Glad I got in to see Davis. I’d live there!  Anyone readers ever try it?

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