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Schushing With Karen in Tahoe: Winter!


This was the winter I didn’t have a winter.  Going from NM to CA meant no snow to play in.  I’ll admit, I’ve enjoyed the mild “winter.” 

My sister Karen flew to SAC last weekend and we headed to Lake Tahoe.  Being my first time skiing for the season, and post-knee surgery, I was nervous.  Karen knows me so well.  I think I was puttering around the hotel room trying to organize and find things (looking nervous) and she called me on it.  She knows me so well.  Knee did ok.  Legs were exhausted.  I was cautious. 

The area has a 36″ + dump the week before. 

We were stoked.

The ride up HWY 50 was lined with snowbanks I couldn’t see over.  SNOW!


IMG_5563 by you.y

Day one was at Heavenly.  The name says it all. It was beautiful, the people were friendly, the snow new and soft from the warm spring sun.  It was downright hot in the lift lines. 

This person was clearing ice off the zip line. Yikes! What a job!

IMG_5588 by you.


The views couldn’t be beat:


IMG_5583 by you.


I couldn’t keep up with Karen.  None-the-less, we had a blast.


IMG_5589 by you.


Karen’s middle name is Margaret, her nickname, Maggie, has stuck through the years.  Look at the name of this run!


IMG_5599 by you.


There are a couple big casinos in South Lake Tahoe.  one is called “Harvey’s.”  That’s my DAD’S name!  Poor pic, but here’s to you, pop!


IMG_5603 by you.


S. Lake Tahoe was a wierd mish-mash of casinos, hotels, retail stores. Check out the manequin I spotted in a window. Couldn’t resist the photo op:


IMG_5604 by you.



Skiied at Squaw Valley on Sunday but the snow was really cruddy, crusty, the wind bitter.  Made for a shorter day. 

Took a couple days for my walk to return to normal.  (Ouchy muscles!)

2 thoughts on “Schushing With Karen in Tahoe: Winter!

  1. Nice picks! Looks like you guys had fun. 🙂 Did you get a t-shirt for papa? Maybe next year we can take a sis trip? 🙂 Not sure about skiing, but the beach sounds soooo good right now! 🙂

  2. Mmm…fruity drinks served by Cabana Boys…I would love a sis trip involving that! No T-shirt. The Harveys ones were pretty bad.

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