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Why do I love Golden, CO? Let me show you…

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It’s good to be back, back in Golden, CO that is.  For two months and change I am able to regroup, see friends, play in the hills, do those familliar things I’ve missed while traveling.   Such may include:

  • Walks along Clear Creek
  • Visiting the local library which I love
  • Climbing the Dakota Sandstone of Eldorado Canyon
  • Eating chicken fried rice from New Peach Garden (done tonight!)
  • Reading the “Golden Informer” for its community calendar, the fire dept. news, the annual tree sale

Sounds cheesy?  Sure.  Random? You bet.  I embrace both.

I’m in a slight state of unrest.  Being here is helping me back to the ground a little.  It’s comforting. 

This is the  kind of place I’d be excited to raise kids in.  Golden is the kind of place you see people you know at the grocery store and while walking down Washington (or Main St, as I’m prone to call it).

Why do I love Golden?   A  few pics from a walk-about-town today to help explain:

Above “Main” St:

IMG_5856 by you.


Clear Creek (very low for this time of the year, I noticed. Frighteningly dry winter I’ve been told.)


IMG_5851 by you.


Cowboy fishing (Couldn’t get the fish at his feet or the whole rod above his head. Trust me on this one.)  There are neat bronze sculptures throughout town including: Kids reading on a bench by the library, a giant bug, a Native American Woman, Deer, Fish, many more.


IMG_5854 by you.


Best quilting shop ever, Golden Quilt company:


IMG_5860 by you.


A hardware store where THEY find you and offer help before you’ve found them!  (You can even get a few nails in a paper bag.)  You can get almost anything at Meyers.


IMG_5858 by you.


Dark pic, sorry about that.  “M” is not for “Mom” or “Marlys” as my mom proclaimed upon seeing the “M” lit up on the side of Lookout Mtn.  It’s not for “Mountain” to warn off wayward planes either. It’s for “Mines.”  CO School of Mines. This is a town of scientists, engineers, and teachers and their students. What else can I say?


IMG_5865 by you.


I love Golden, CO.

One thought on “Why do I love Golden, CO? Let me show you…

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