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The LOOONG Road Home – CA to CO – Icy Wind and a Peek Into NV – Part One of ?


Feels like weeks since I’ve posted.   It’s only been a week but lots has happened since.  Big stuff.  Settled into the new temp job in Denver.   Every day’s been nutso-busy.  (What else is new in nursing?)    Yet I’m digging the folks I work with and the commute’s not as bad as I thought it would be.  Each trip in I thank my lucky stars it’s 0620 and not 0800.  Then, I may become a road rage statistic or forever locked up in slow-mo traffic.

Seeing friends, a welcomed gift.

Just started looking at pics from the HUGE trip from CA back to CO.  I chose the long way as there were places to see along the way no where near the expedient way back.  The quick way is usually NOT the interesting way to go.

Packed up all my meager goods, including Annabelle in the cat-cage. Wonder how she tolerates the road trips she’s been a part of this last year?  She did well, I must say.  Though I won’t subject her to another long one as such.

Desperately wanted to see Death Valley, Zion and No. AZ.  I went this way:

Of note, there were many back, little roads taken that do not register on this map.  Actual mileage was just shy of 1800 total to Denver.  Yep…a lot.  So worth it.

Made it past Tahoe, veered into  NV and hugged the border for awhile seeing some pretty mtns. Did you know NV has beautiful ranges?  All the mtn passes that would have negated the trip into NV, leading me straight south instead,  were closed.)

The Sierras lure me in. A trip in during the summer now sits high on my list so I can really get into them.

Near Little Antelope Valley? I really should note locations.  This 3 week delay in recall has details a little fuzzy.

IMG_5626 by you.

I was hoping to camp near Mono Lake, a sight I’ve blogged about previously here:

Also craved a trip to Bodie, a ghost town, just northeast of Mono Lake but at 8,000+ feet up, the road in is closed off.

Temp gauge in the truck read 30 degrees.  Got out for a leg stretcher and the wind nearly carried me off over the lake.  My cheeks numbed instantly from the windchill.  Plan B: Continued on, eventually stopping in Bishop where I stayed in a cheap, not very clean hotel complete with a TV remote the cigarette-stench-doused clerk gave me and an old-school gas wall heater that made me a little nervous to turn on.  But hey, it was out of the wind!

Woke the next AM with Death Valley the goal for the day.  Stomped around the Alabama Hills at the base of Mt. Whitney en route.  This scenic spot’s been the locale for many old western movies.

See a virtual panorama here:

It’s MUCH more descriptive than any snapshot I took.

Mt Whitney:

IMG_5651 by you.

Watched the temp gauge rise as I made my way to Death Valley.   I knew it would be warm in the day and chilly at night.  It was. But more on that later.  It’s late. Work starts early tommorow.   I’ll start the Death Valley pics on the next post.

A teaser:

Joshua Tree.  Lower Centennial Flat, Death Valley

IMG_5674 by you.

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