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“Slowshoeing” Through a Winter-Wonderland


The sky unloaded a foot plus of snow in the Denver area last Thursday.  I worked that day and was lucky to get home that night.  Some weren’t lucky.  The hospital let me go.

Friday I borrowed my kind housemate’s snowshoes and headed for the hills to Golden Gate Canyon State Park.  About 15 miles from Golden, it’s a splendid park with views of the Continental Divide in places.  I wanted views.

Stopped at my friend Denise’s home to drop off something. Visited with Keto, the wonderdog, whom I adore. She has a winter coat that must be six inches thick. Hah!

IMG_5877_1 by you.

Look at that face!  I took a bunch away with me on my black shirt and pants. It’s worth her lovin’, though.

Parked at Panorama Point and took in this view, just a snippet of the view that stretches, well, panoramically. (Is that a word?)

IMG_5905_1 by you.

Had the whole place to myself.  Broke trail with the slowshoes…I mean snowshoes.  It’s an adjustment.  I haven’t snowshoed in a couple winters.  I didn’t really have a winter this year. (NM and CA!)

Waddling in them…I mean walking in them, is work!  There was 12″ of snow to get through.  Observations are more thorough at this slow pace. Hills are more steep!

In the busy Front Range area, it’s a rare treat to have an entire trail to yourself, freshly blanketed in snow, with no evidence of humans around (not counting the trail markers and depression in the ground that provides evidence of the trail being there.)  There were a couple spots absent of this depression.  Took some sleuthing in spots to find my way.

Some views from the waddle:

Something was up earlier than me. See the tracks?

IMG_5895_1 by you.

IMG_5893_1 by you.

IMG_5881_1 by you.

Imagine how this red berry caught my eye?

IMG_5891_1 by you.

Mt. Thoridin. It’s much bigger than it looks here. There’s rock climbing routes on it.

IMG_5903_1 by you.

IN FACT, I met Denise on this very trail some years back.  I was hiking up to Mt. Thoridin to investigate the rock.  A storm raced in.  With a good ol’ fashioned Rocky Mtn soaking imminent, she and her hubby trucked it out the trail at the same time I did.   We chatted a bit in the parking lot.  I mentioned a trip to the quilt shop up the road and her eyes sparked. 

With that common interest (and many others) we swapped numbers and to this day, I cherish her friendship. 

What a gem of a day I had slowshoeing in peace and quiet. 

PS:  If you’re looking for a new ride this beauty is parked at Gap Rd and Hwy 119.  The sign reads,  “Good Car  $800, Runs Good.” 

IMG_5911_1 by you.

2 thoughts on ““Slowshoeing” Through a Winter-Wonderland

  1. The red berry is a rose hip. yes what is left of a rose. Animals love them as a food source. Some people make a tea out of them, a source of vit. c.

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