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A Visitor From NM – Hike at White Ranch with Diane and Family

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The timing was perfect!  Diane, a gal I met from SNB in Albuquerque, has been in Fraser, CO with her hubby, Troy, enjoying sabbatical activities such as knitting and skiing.  Sounds like some work/research happened.  ; )

No seriously, they both have fascinating work/schooling which I enjoyed learning about.   Diane’s blog is linked on my list of blogs I watch.

Got a message from Diane sounding containing phrases such as:

“Too muddy up here, bad skiing, headed to Denver to see family, time for a hike?”

Bingo!  Went for a hike last weekend in White Ranch, just one of the Open Space areas Jefferson County has.  There are many. 

L-R:  Wiley, Troy, Diane, Vixen

IMG_5870_1 by you.

Was a blue-bird day.  Temps were warm.  Foothill views pretty. Conversation stimulating.  Watching the dogs enjoy the romp was entertaining.  Wiley has a degenerative spine disorder that partially paralyzes his back legs. Let me tell you, that didn’t stop him from keeping up!  Both are herding dogs.  Vixen spotted a cow and you could read her mind:

“Oh boy!  It’s big!  It has four legs!  I need to make it move!”

IMG_5872_1 by you.




IMG_5874_1 by you.


IMG_5867_1 by you.


Was good to catch up with Diane and meet her family.  Hoping to visit her and friends in NM this spring before I set off on my next travel adventure.

One thought on “A Visitor From NM – Hike at White Ranch with Diane and Family

  1. How cool! I think we should all meet up in England next:) Miss you!

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