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CSM Engineering Days – Pyromaniacs in Training – Fireworks Show

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Last  night was CO School of Mines 75th annual Engineering Days.  Hand in hand with this is a pyrotechnics, err…fireworks show that BLEW my socks off.  Students, aparently involved with ballistics, are in on creating it.  I saw it two springs ago for the first time. This one made that one seem puny. 

Imagine the little, quaint town of Golden  (‘I’ve posted pics here: )  gone nuts.  Swarms of people, young and old, showed up. The excitement beforehand was palpable. 

Coordinated fireworks, some streaking from the lightposts, across the fields, (wondered if we’d all get cooked by a stray comet but eh, that was the fun of it) blasted up.  The smoke lingered over the field an hour after the fact.  (I noted this while walking home.) The noise rattled your chest.  The plumes of ignited gas (seen at the very end of the show) made me unzip my down jacket and think, “Gee it’s getting warm in this outdoor arena.” 

Perma-grin the whole show.  I just had to share it with you all.  Someone posted a clip on Youtube, thankfully.   Below, 4 minutes of the show. The REALLY impressive action (the finale) starts two minutes in so move the slider ahead a couple minutes and be sure and look for the fireballs at the end.  Wow.

Little, quaint Golden gone wild!

One thought on “CSM Engineering Days – Pyromaniacs in Training – Fireworks Show

  1. WOW, when they were going off on the ground it looked like there may have been an accident.
    That looked like a lot of fun!

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