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It’s a BOY! Auntiedom Here I Come!

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I’m to be an auntie for the FIRST time this summer.  Ali and Josh are expecting.  Little “Baby Whatsit” wasn’t revealing its privates the last ultrasound.  (Which I found incredibly funny and have teased the parents-to-be to get ready for a stubborn child.) 

It’s a boy! 

 scan0006 by you.

Today I’m headed out to find boy colored yarn (since I have none) and look for boy-appropriate fabric for a quilt. (Since most of what I have is very girl’ish.)  I know this breaks my yarn diet. But…I don’t want to given the kid a complex by dressing them in apricot colored Nature Cotton or pink Cotton Classic yarn, about all I have that’s washable.  I don’t want Ali to deal with handwashing anything, either.

No reveal, yet, on what I’m making since they’ll be shower gifts. I may post, though, and tell her not to look at them.  (Think she’ll abide?)

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