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Mitered Mittens – A Finished Object!

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I’m pretty proud of my to-do list from Wed., 4/1, this week.  I crossed off all but number 9 and 10.  I hate balancing my checkbook.  I’d rather clean my bathroom with a toothpick.   Finish UFO’s listed below. I’ve been knitting but not keeping up.

  • Noro striped EZ Mitered Mittens
  • Karen’s Beeanie Hat and maybe Mitts
  • Start Silk Garden Chunky Cardigan 
  • Unnamed sister’s easter basket gift

Almost done with the beanie.  Started the cardigan with Noro Kureyon, not Silk Garden Chunky. Am striping it as the mittens below.   Ripped back and re-started Easter gift with a needle one size smaller.  Feels like I’m knitting in place these days.  Truth is, I’ve been a social butterfly since returning to home, leaving little time to knit.  I’ve been choosing small projects, though (minus the sweater).  With this weekend off and a trip to the desert next weekend I should have the sweet satisfaction of more FINISHED OBJECTS.

The mittens to match a hat I made a month ago or so:

IMG_5914 by you.


It’s all on  my RAVELRY profile at:

Link to Mittens:

Link to Hat:

Hat made the same way, alternating three and two rows.  Pattern based on “Turn a Square” by Jared Flood.

Pattern:   Elizabeth Zimmerman, Mitered Mittens

Yarn: Noro Kureyon

Color: #226

Needle: Magic Looped Addi Turbo #6

Notes:  CO 40, thumb gussett to 13.  Hand to 3.5″ before decreasing. 

Thoughts:  A little too wide. Will felt a bit. Not bad but could be more snug. Use a #5 needle next time. (And there will be a next. I love how this showcases striping Noro.  God I love Noro yarn.)

Today, I’ll suck it up and finish #9 and 10 and then get going on those UFO’s!

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