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Eldorado Canyon With Ed: Climbing as Healing

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I met Ed some ten years ago when I first moved to Boulder, CO.  He was my first true friend and climbing partner there.  Lots has happened in those ten years, yet we stay connected. 

Yesterday we met up and went climbing in Eldorado Canyon, a positively spectacular, beautiful place whether you are picnicking, hiking, rock climbing, or just hanging out in a quiet spot and enjoying the surrounds.  It’s a special place for me. 

We climbed, picking a route he reminded me, we had climbed on our first climbing outing together. Aww…

I haven’t climbed since pre-knee injury back in June.   I was very nervous yesterday and could tell I was hesitant, not trusting “Lefty” as much as I should have.  “Mileage, that’s what you need!”  Diagnosed Ed.  He’s right!  I did fine.  (I’m a wee bit achy in the torso today.  I’ve been ignoring my upper-body workouts and focusing on Lefty.)

Definitely time to get back on the rock.  Mileage!


Ed and I on top of Redgarden Wall, post climb:


IMG_5935 by you.


Ed brought Zipper. She’s the sweetest, prettiest, best behaved dog I’ve ever met.  I’d like my own “Zipper” someday: 


IMG_5938 by you.


IMG_5946 by you.


Across the creek from our climb, the Bastille formation:


IMG_5947 by you.


Some other time I’ll post pics of the Canyon. I’ve given you a minute glance which does it no justice.

What a day!  Healing for the mind and body.

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