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Cat Salad

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Annabelle’s been naughty.  My housemate Steve’s houseplant has been groomed, landscaped, adjusted, mowed, attacked daily by Little Missy. 

I realize cats are supposed to eat green stuff.  I guess it’s like salad.  Good for their innerds.

I still feel bad. At least Steve laughed about it. It’s a BIG plant. It’s not like I can put it on the dining room table out of reach.  We’d be eating under a somewhat scrawnier canopy of fronds. 


IMG_5955 by you.


See the black heart her two hind legs make when she puts them together? Cool, eh?


IMG_5953 by you.


How can I get mad at a face like that?   I am so wrapped around her little finger(s). 

Maybe we can keep the plant on top of the dryer?

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